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Apr 11, 2023

REST API to get GL Ledger Details

 There are many REST APIs to explore data for GL Ledger, but the one that most of time use for my drop down requirements is f

https://<HOST NAME >>/scmRestApi/resources/


    "items": [


            "AccountedPeriodType": “xxx”,

            "ChartOfAccountsId": 23001,

            "Description": "Biz Set of Books",

            "EnableBudgetaryControlFlag": true,

            "LedgerCategoryCode": "PRIMARY",

            "LedgerId": 701,

            "Name": "Biz Set of Books",

            "LedgerTypeCode": "L",

            "PeriodSetName": “CN",

            "SequencingModeCode": "N",

            "ApDocumentSequencingOptionFlag": null,

            "ArDocumentSequencingOptionFlag": null,

            "EnfSequenceDateCorrelationCode": "N",

            "CurrencyCode": "USD",


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