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Jul 23, 2019

Oracle EBS Enterprise Command Center

Oracle EBS Enterprise Command Center 

In this post I will highlight

  1. What is Enterprise Command Centers for EBS
  2. ECC Framework 
  3. Key Feature of Payables Command Center
  4. Key Feature of Service Contract Command Center
  5. Key Feature of Shipping/Logistics Command Center
  6. Key Feature of Service Command Center

Enterprise Command Centers (ECC) provide information discovery along with visualization and exploration capabilities embedded within Oracle E-Business Suite user interfaces. ECC Framework enables the creation of business dashboards in different functional areas. Oracle E-Business Suite users navigate transactional information using interactive visual components and guided discovery capabilities allowing exploratory data analysis. Mobility and responsive design is built into the ECC Framework, and all dashboards automatically adjust layout to better fit a desktop or mobile device form factor. ECC automatically adheres to existing Oracle E-Business Suite security. The dashboard content a user sees is completely consistent with Oracle E-Business Suite context and security.

Each Oracle Enterprise Command Center extends the owning Oracle E-Business Suite application with discovery-oriented dashboards that bring together diverse operational data from across the Oracle E-Business Suite. ECC dashboard users identify and act on top priorities without the need for custom operational reporting, and use information-driven navigation. With tools and visualizations such as actionable indicators, tag clouds, interactive charts, and consumer-like search and filters, users can browse and drill on whatever engages their attention. With each drilldown or search refinement, the data engine recalculates indicators, tag clouds, charts, and search choices to provide the user with new information on which to base next discovery steps. Through this "conversation with the data", users narrow in on today's most important business challenges, all without predefined navigation paths, structured queries, or operational reports.

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Having identified the most pressing business challenges, users seamlessly transition to detailed transaction screens to take immediate and informed action. Transaction screens are pre-populated with the results of information discovery; no re-querying of data is required. Users can switch between information discovery and transaction screens as they work their way through a set of identified problems, retaining the current discovery context.

ECC Framework is built on scalable architecture comprising the following three main layers:

ECC User Interface and UI Designer - Modern and interactive UI components with a browser-based designer that allows dashboard content creation through a drag-and-drop framework and fully declarative controls.
ECC Service Interface - REST-based APIs that control creation and retrieval of data and metadata. They provide advanced capabilities for data retrieval such as aggregations, associations, rollups, and more.
ECC Core - A storage and query engine that enables the definition of data sets along with customized behaviors, relationships, calculations, and more.
Using ECC, you canBrowse and drill on actionable indicators

  1. Use consumer-like search and filters
  2. Drill down with all indicators and search choices recalculated
  3. Through "conversation with the data", narrow in on most important priorities
  4. Navigate to selected transactions to take action

Below are highlights of ECC for Oracle Payable/Service Contacts/Shipping /Service , please refere for additional details.

Payables Command Center

Oracle Payables Command Center uses the Oracle Enterprise Command Center Framework to help you to analyze and to act on payables process data from across your enterprise. Improve your decision making and maximize operational efficiency with the sophisticated guided navigation and powerful search capability of the command center. Identify operational issues through metrics,

graphs, and tag clouds, and take immediate action by drilling down directly to the underlying business processes in Oracle Payables. Note: You can view data for one ledger at a time. Select a ledger by clicking the Ledgers metric in the summarization bar.

As a payables manager, use the Payables Command Center to:

Optimize days payable outstanding (DPO).

  1. Resolve processing issues and accelerate payments to capture discounts.
  2. Eliminate early payments and pre-payments.

Optimize cash outflow.

  1. Estimate cash outflow based on due date.
  2. Forecast cash requirements in different currencies.

Improve supplier relationships.

  1. Release invoice holds effectively and avoid late payments.
  2. Track the status of recent payments

Service Contracts Command Center

The Oracle Service Contracts Command Center presents sales managers and sales representatives with information to help prioritize activities in their work
queue, formulate trends, and forecast accurately. The command center enables you to collaborate, review, analyze, and act to:
Increase on-time renewals.

  1. Gather insights into booked and pending renewals to drive up conversion rates.
  2. Identify critical risk contracts due for renewal.

Improve customer satisfaction.

  1. Monitor turbulence of services provided to customers.
  2. Coordinate activities between the renewals and service teams.

Maximize productivity.

  1. Focus sales representative daily activity on critical contracts.
  2. Quickly identify the top contracts needing attention and take necessary action

Shipping /Logistics Command Center

Use the Inventory Management Command Center to simplify and expedite fulfillment planning and execution. The command center provides warehouse managers and outbound supervisors with:
  1. Better visibility through dashboards into all shipments active in the ful
    fillment process.
  2. Alerts that focus attention on the highest priority tasks.
  3. The ability to act on any shipments using Shipping Operations.
Using the Shipping Dashboard, you can:
Optimize order release.
  1. Prioritize late orders and back-orders.
  2. Coordinate releases with carrier appointment.
Expedite high priority orders.
  1. Schedule dock doors based on availability.
  2. Complete fulfillment activities on time.
Integrate transportation activities.
  1. Calculate weight and volume for tendering.
  2. Modify shipments if the wrong truck arrives.

Service Command Center

You can use Oracle Service Command Center to search and filter service request data. Using the Service Command Center dashboards, you can review critical metrics, interact with graphs, and view service request details. In addition to the search and filter capabilities, the dashboards contain action-based analytics that help you diagnose an issue and perform efficient and effective corrective actions on related service requests. An examples of a corrective action may include reassigning requests to the appropriate group or owner..

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