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May 20, 2013

Oracle Customer Hub an Overview

Oracle Customer Data Hub provides a comprehensive set of  services, utilities and applications to create and maintain a trusted  master customer identity across the enterprise
It consolidates customer data from heterogeneous  systems into a central location and establishing enterprise-wide data quality and integrity at the lowest possible cost. Utilizing  comprehensive integration services, the master customer identity created and maintained within the Hub is shared in real-time with operational and analytical systems so that all channels and lines of business operate in a consistent, well-informed manner, thereby improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Hub also known as Siebel Universal Customer Master or Siebel UCM) is Oracle’s lead Customer Data integration (CDI) solution.

The Oracle Customer Hub(OCH) data model is an enhanced version of the Siebel Party model (as used in Siebel CRM).
OCH comprehensive functionality enables an enterprise to manage customer data over the full customer lifecycle.
  1. Capturing Customer Data
  2. Standardization
  3. Correction of name and Addresses
  4. Identification and merging of duplicate records
  5. Enrichment if customer profile
  6. Enforcement of compliance and risk policies
  7. Distribution of Single Source of Truth.

  1. Trusted Customer Data is held in a central MDM schema
  2. Consolidation services manage the movement of master data into the central store.
  3. Cleansing services deduplicate, standardize and augment the master data.
  4. Governance services control access, retrieval, privacy, audit  and Change management rules.
  5. Sharing services include integration, web services, event propagation and global standards based synchronization.

These pillars utilize generic services from the MDM Foundation layer them with business entity specific services and vertical extensions.

Oracle has provided Web Services Interface to access the customer hub , as well as provide few Pre-build Integration with operation application using AIA(Application Integration Architecture).


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