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May 9, 2012

Oracle iStore R12i - Product Comparison (New Feature) Part - 1

Oracle iStore R12i - Product Comparison -

Oracle in R12i iStore has introduced a new feature "Product Comparison" to compare the product .This new feature has  designed in Oracle ADF , and when implemented let user compare the product side by side ,and user can compare up to 10 product at any time.


Since it is implemented in Oracle ADF , user has option to drag and drop the product while doing comparison.
Implementation Need - User need to implement 2 new profile options to implement this new feature.


  1. Are you sure it is Oracle ADF ...i believe ADF runs only Weblogic server . Till 12.1.3 oracle runs on Oracle AS

  2. Yes it is designed in ADF , and it is also true that ADF runs of weblogic.

    I am not sure if it is still introduced in 12.1.3 or it is for future releases, but I saw that in one of demo that Oracle did for Partners.

    Trust me it is really really cool feature.