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May 8, 2012

Oracle iStore R12i - One Click Shopping List

One Click Shopping List
In Oracle iStore R12i  Oracle has introduced a new feature , One Click Shopping List (to allow user to add items in shopping list)Though we do have shopping list feature in 11i (but has it's own limitations), but in R12i oracle has made it more intuitive.
Now in R12i user has ability to add item in shopping list on the fly , that means user no longer need to save the shopping Cart as Shopping list ( and rename it) , rather they have now drop down list control available as "Add to cart" , moment user click on this "add to cart" drop down control , system will let user either create a new Shopping list (let user create Shopping list on the the fly) or add the item to existing Shipping list,

A new profile has been introduced for this "Enable Shopping List management " , that need to be set before user want to use this feature.

This new feature is available to the Register users only, and Guest user need to login to iStore before they can use this feature.

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