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Dec 25, 2011

Defer Scheduling when adding line to Set with OM: Auto Schedule Sets

In R12.1 Oracle has introduced a new feature in Order Management . Now with R12.1 we can add lines to an existing ShipSet / Arrival Set without getting scheduled. 

This is very important feature as many a time when order lines that are part of the set and are in ENTERED status , and if we add new lines to these set , system  scheduled these lines , that scheduling in turns consume the available quantity ( being part of the line in ENTERED status , and still consuming the available quantity does not make any sense),but as per the current functionality, lines cannot be part of a set, if they are not scheduled and similarly lines cannot be unscheduled, if they are part of a set

But this is taken care in R12.1 , in this release Oracle has introduced a new system parameter “OM: Auto Schedule Sets”. The value of the system parameter will decide whether lines, which are getting added to a set, should be automatically scheduled or not, at the time of set creation. If the system parameter value is set to ‘No’, lines will not be scheduled automatically, when they are added to a new set. Though  user can schedule the lines manually whenever it is required. If, on the other hand, the value of the this system parameter is set to "Yes" then the lines will be scheduled as and when they are added to a set, i.e. the existing behavior.

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