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Dec 22, 2011

Queries to get Supply and Demand data for Oracle Apps

below are 3 queries that might helpful to get Supply and demand details -

select m.demand_source_header_id,m.supply_source_header_id,m.demand_source_line_id,
mtl_reservations m, po_line_locations_all p
where m.supply_source_line_id = p.line_location_id
and p.po_line_id = &enter_po_line_id

select m.demand_source_header_id,m.supply_source_header_id,m.demand_source_line_id
mtl_reservations m, oe_order_lines_all l
where m.demand_source_line_id = l.line_id
and l.line_id = &enter_order_line_id

select ms.supply_type_code,ms.supply_source_id ,ms.po_header_id,ms.po_line_id
from mtl_supply ms , po_lines_all p
where ms.po_line_id = p.po_line_id
and ms.po_header_id = p.po_header_id

Apart from this their is one interesting view  MTL_RESERVATIONS_ALL_V , we can use that too, to get all these details

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