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Oct 27, 2011

Fulfillment Set and Delivery based Invoicing

Fulfillment Set and Delivery based Invoicing

In my earlier post about Fulfillment set , I have stated that by adding lines in the fulfillment set we can fulfilled/Invoiced them together. This actually not true all the time, If we have delivery based Invoicing,  in such case Order management will push the data to Oracle receivables only when ALL order lines that are part of same delivery successfully reach the Order line workflow Invoicing activity. If some of the lines that are part of a delivery are fulfilled and other that are part of same delivery are Not Fulfilled then lines that are fulfilled will wait for the lines that are not fulfilled .

Example - 
So say we have L1/L2/L3/L4/L5 5 lines and out of these 5 lines 4 lines L1/L2/L3/L4 in same fulfillment Set F1. And L1&L2&L5 part of delivery D1 and L3&L4 part of delivery D2.

Since these 4 lines (L1 to L4)  are part of same fulfillment, they will fulfilled together irrespective of what delivery they belongs, but L1 and L2  though fulfilled ,will not invoiced till all others lines (in our case L5)  in the same delivery (D2)  reach the Invoice Line activity of the Order line workflow . Whereas L3&L4 has no such issue , both the lines that are part of D2, and also fulfilled  thus will be Interfaced to AR from OM
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