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Jul 12, 2011

Oracle Quoting and Approval Management Part-3

This is 3rd and last Post for the topic Oracle Quoting and Approval Management.

In First post we talked about How to create and Approve Sales Quotes in Oracle Quoting

2nd post was related to AME setup for approval List generation.

In 3rd post we will talk about Quoting Approval workflow processes.Oracle Quoting Approval Workflow has 4 Subprocess.

  1. Start Approval (Main Process)
  2. Individual Approver
  3. Approver Process
  4. Notify Approver

Start Approval (Main Process) -This Workflow process initiated in Oracle Quoting  by calling  workflow API wf_engine.createprocess .As explained in below slide show , Submit_Approval  workflow activity in this work inturns calls child workflow process "Individual Approver"  and after Initiating call to "Individual Approver", it progress to  "Wait for flow " activity and wait for response from child sub-process"Individual Approver".

Once It receive Response from child process "Individual Approver" , it will process Further to "Check rejected" activity .If approver has rejected the notification ,"Check rejected" activity return "True" and Close the workflow , if it returns "False" , workflow further progress to activity "Submit Next Batch".

Submit Next Batch - This activity will check if all the requested approver has approved the Quote , if Yes It will move to next activity , else It will loop back to activity "Submit Approval"

Individual Approver -  On execution, this subprocess  calls the subprocess "Approver Process" Workflow , Once APPROVAL PROCESS subprocess executed successfully , it progress to next activity "Continue Flow " which in turns signal  parent activity "Start Approval" to proceed further   

Approver Process -  This subprocess after validating few attribute call the subprocess  "Notify  approver" and based on the outcome of that it send Approve/Reject /Time out Notification.

Notify Approver - This Workflow Subrocess Record the Response of Approver.

For any further question , feel free to send me email/or leave comments.

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