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Jul 12, 2011

Oracle Quoting and Approval Management Part-2

This is Part -2 of 3 part series about the Oracle Quoting and Approval Management. Here I will explain how to create approval rules to generate approval List in Oracle Approval Management.

Will cover more on AME in separate post.


  1. Pictures are not readable. Can you please email it?

  2. Just noticed that pics are not readable , will try to get the screen shots again and send you ...but I am not sure when that is feasible.

  3. HI,

    Iam not able to find any stuff related to how to setup AME for custom application as mentioned in your youtube video 'what is AME and how we can leverage AME APIs in custom WOrkflow'. Can you send me on my mail if you have any document on this.


  4. Please refer Oracle AME implementation Guide, and for API you just google it or refer