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Jul 16, 2011

O2C(Order to Cash) Transaction flow in Dual UOM

This post is about how to transact an item that is defined in dual UOM in Order to cash Flow.
Step #1
1. Define an Item with Dual Control
                Primary UOM - Ea
                Secondary UON - DZ (Dozen)
                Conversion -      12Ea - 1DZ.
2. Create Sales Order
                Line 3.1 in Primary UOM   Qty = 24 Ea
                Line 4.1 in Secondary UOM Qty =  3 DZ

3. Perform the Pick release and Ship confirm. Please Note that irrespective of Ordered UOM , Shipping will Shipped the item in Primary UOM only.

Once Ship Confirm executed ,Source requested Quantity(Ordered Qty) for Delivery details associated with line 4.1 was in Secondary UOM (3DZ) , but shipping still shipped in Primary UOM (ie 36 each).

4. Similarly Invoice Qty for Line 3.1 will be 24 ea and that for 4.1 will be 3 DZ.
In case your business requirement is to perform Invoicing in Secondary UOM , Order Should be created in Secondary UOM.Other solution is you can still placed Order in UOM and then customized your Invoicing report and display the Qty in Secondary UOM (Complex workaround).

Slide Show for Dual UOM 

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