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Jun 18, 2011

Manual Scheduling in Oracle Order Management Line Flow

In this video Presentation I will talk about the Manual Scheduling Workflow Sub-Process available in Oracle Order Management.
In Order Management Order line workflow we have 3 type of Scheduling Sub-Process.
  1. Schedule – Line
  2. Schedule - Line, Manual
  3. Schedule - Line, Deferred
 today I will talk about Ist and 2nd.

 In Schedule – Line, Scheduling is Online- that means as soon as we Book the Order Scheduling happens, but in Schedule – Line Manual Scheduling , scheduling is Manual , as soon as we book the Sales Order Scheduling workflow activity will not be Trigger,

 Please Refer the Below YouTube demo for
  1. How to Modify the Oracle Order line workflow to Add Manual Scheduling Sub-Process.
  2. How to Progress line with the Manual Schedule -Subprocess with "Schedule Order" concurrent Program
YouTube Demo

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