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May 22, 2011

Oracle Payable R12 Invoice Approval Workflow Part-2

In Continuation to my  previous post on Payable Invoice approval workflow  Oracle Payable R12 Invoice Approval Workflow Part-1  
below are the additional features of Payable Invoice Approval Workflow
  • In case approver  Rejected the Invoice we have option to
    • Force the Approval Process
    • Manually approve the invoice.
    • Initiate the approval process again
    • Cancel the Approval process by means of canceling the invoicing.
                  Note - Please note rejection process end the workflow, but once we Initiate it again , it will
                             RE-START the workflow.
  • We can delegate the Invoice approval process to a person who is out of Approval Chain.But if we delegate the response to out of chain person then workflow approvel process will send only one reminder to this person , but if he still not respond NO escalation will be raised.Let's say approval process is like A to B and B to C ,but  in case B delegate the approval person to user OUTOFCHAIN, in that case when OUTOFCHAIN will approve the Invoice approval process will automatically inform the next user in the chain (in our case it is C), but in case user OUTOFCHAIN doesnot respond , in that case approver process will send only one reminder to him , if he still not respond then NO ESCALATION will be raised.
  • As I have said Payable Invoice approval process will triggered only when Approval Status = Required/Reapproval -required.In case approval status = Not Required then payable approval process will not triggered at all.Below are the valid scenarios when approval_status = Not - Required.
    • Expired Invoices.
    • Recurring Invoices.
    • Invoice created before Invoice Approval Workflow Process  implemented.
    • None of AME Invoice approval rule satisfied.
  • If we STOP an approval process we can initiate approval workflow process again ,  but if we CANCEL approval process workflow canot be re-initiated.
  • FORCE approval - with force approval option , we can force the approval process by means of approving a Non-Validated invoice irrespective of the validation rules.e.g Workflow for the Invoice is error out , and we need to make immediate payment to Vendor. In such cases rather than waiting for fixing the workflow we can FORCE the approval process and approve the invoice.
that's for now , will discuss more feature in next post.

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