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May 15, 2011

Scheduling at KIT,

Recently , I came across a issue where customer has stated that

  1. They have set up the ATP KIT level (usually majority of the cases ATP set at included item level).
  2. Workflow for the KIT item is at the HOLD activity just before the scheduling.
  3. Workflow for all the Included item are at the Scheduling activity 
  4. Scheduling performed by means of Scheduling workflow background process( and not auto scheduling).
Please note that if ATP is setup at the KIT level , then Scheduling of the INCLUDED item wait for scheduling of the KIT ,and this was working fine for customer , but now they stated that once in a while even the scheduling for KIT has not performed  and workflow for KIT is still at the HOLD activity (just before the scheduling activity) included item got scheduled.
During my analysis I found the for the the cases where the things are not working , some one navigate to the Sales Order and manually enter SCHEDULE SHIP DATE , and it is this Manually entering of the SSD that trigger the scheduling activity of the KIT and thus result in the scheduling of the INCLUDED item .Please Note that as soon as you enter the SSD it will trigger the scheduling ( even though the workflow of the line is not at the schedule activity ).
Advised customer to educate end user for same.

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