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May 25, 2011

OM: Over Shipment Tolerance(Internal Name - OM_OVER_SHIPMENT_TOLERANCE)

This is short post about usages of Oracle Order Management profile option OM: Over Shipment Tolerance(Internal Name - OM_OVER_SHIPMENT_TOLERANCE) at various level (Site, Organization , Responsibility)

This profile option indicates the percentage by which an order line can be over-shipped. Any value greater than or equal to zero (0) is a valid value. This profile option is set at the site level. Default value is zero (0).
This profile is also applicable to Inbound Lines (RMA).

As of now as per standard functionality this profile option is supported at Site level. Value populated in this profile options are stored in the column SHIP_TOLERANCE_ABOVE of OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL and then same values that interfaced to column SHIP_TOLERANCE_ABOVE of the WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS.


 As per Standard functionality, documented in the user guide this profile option should be set at the SITE level, but many a times we have requirement to set this profile options at different level, like 
  • Organization
  • Responsibility

 I did a few test case by setting the profile option at the organization and responsibility level and it work for me(please note that this is my observation and not standard behavior).In case you want to set this profile at Organization or responsibility level JUST make sure that after you set the profile at these levels column SHIP_TOLERANCE_ABOVE in OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL and WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS has expected value(set at the Org /Resp level profile).

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