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Apr 29, 2011

Oracle Payable R12 Invoice Approval Workflow Part-1

In Oracle Payable we have option to setup Invoice Approval workflow with the Invoice Approval Process. An Oracle Payable Invoice approval process can be workflow based or without workflow.In this post we will talk about Oracle Payable Workflow based Invoice approval process.

  • In R12 we have separate approval process for the document and lines.We have seprate workflow for Invoice header and lines.
  • Approver who has access to Invoice lines will approve invoice lines only and might not have access to approve the Invoice doc. 
  • An Invoice document will not be approved till all the invoice lines that required approval are approved. 
  • All the approved lines will keep moving further in their flow and will not be stuck/wait for any other invoice line that required approval but stuck or rejected ( this is based on the anticipation that sometime in the future the issue associated with the stuck /approved line will be resolved and it will be approved) , but keep in mind a doc. Will not ne approved unless all the lines that required approval or approved, if any such lines is stuck/rejected the doc will not be approved. 
  • Documents or lines will be processed by workflow approval process based on the status of the doc/lines. If status of the line/document is Not Required then Invoice approval workflow will not pick them for approval process, but if status of the document or line is Required /Re-approval Required then they will be picked by Oracle Payable Invoice approval workflow process. 
  • In R12 a new functionality has been introduce where by an line level approval now can see /modify the distribution accounts details for the line (especially for the Invoice lines that are Manually created). 
  • In R12 a new functionality has been introduce where by an line level approval now can add attachment to lines as well as distributions. 
  • Till now no partial process is supported, document or lines can be either fully approved or rejected but not partially approved. 
  • In R12 Negotiation process is now added, this is a very important features, now an approver while involves in the approving process now negotiate the Quantity and price with the supplier again( this is very importance in terms if approver feel quantity /price is not as per the teams negotiated). 

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