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May 1, 2011

iphone ADF Mobile Browser app to creates sales order in Oracle Application.

This is very interesting post about iphone Mobile Browser App Created with Oracle ADF to creates sales order in Oracle Application.

Here we will discuss about

  •  Oracle Mobile ADF Browser
  • Demo of Simple Mobile Apps to Create Sales Order in Oracle Application with Mobile ADF Browser

 With Oracle ADF not only we can build Extensions for Oracle Applications but also build Mobile Apps for Oracle Application.There are 2 approaches to design mobile apps with ADF

  • ADF Mobile Browser
  • ADF Native Client

In this post I will explain about building appliaction with "ADF Mobile Browser"
ADF Mobile browser application is almost identical to ADF Web application development , except the ADF Mobile browser application development uses only mobile JSF pages that consist of Apache Myfaces Trinidad components. In this way we can re-use the desktop browser application’s model and controller layers to assemble a new view layer for mobile devices by using similar Apache MyFaces Trinidad Components.

More Info. about the ADF Mobile Browser are available in Below  Demo.  

P.s - Yours commets are very much appreciated.
Free free to contact me for any enquires related to development to Mobile ADF Browser Application for Oracle Apps  at


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