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Apr 23, 2011

Interface Trip Stop

In oracle application (order management) we have 3  options to process our Trip.
1.Run Interface trip stop concurrent program.
2.Run Order Management Interface CP
3.Inventory Interface CP
As I have explained in many of my posts that ITS has 2  subprocess
OM interface and Inventory Interface.So if we run option first it will execute both parts and mark oe_interfaced_flag as well as inv_interfaced_flag as Y in wsh_delivery_details.
But if you run option 2 or 3 it will run OM or Inventory part of ITS and set oe_interfaced_flag OR inv_interfaced_flag respectively.But most important thing that we have to take care is, if want to run these 2 interfaces seperately then we have to make sure that OM part of ITS has executed sucvessfully before we execute the inventory interfaces.
In last so many years I am working in this area and notice very few customer are implementing these 2 seperatly because of high volume of data .


  1. Hi,

    Could you please advise how we will setup to have Order Interface and Inventory interface run separately.

  2. Hi! Ronny

    there is no setup required to run these 2 separately.Below are the sequence of events to run them separately.
    1.While you do the Ship Confirm a Delivery Select the check box "Defer Interface", doing so will not trigger the ITS.
    After that you can run
    1.Order Management Interface CP
    2.Inventory Interface CP

    Hope that helps , let me know if you need additional information.


  3. HELLO,
    I had seen that in wsh_delivery_details oe_interfaced_flag is 'Y' and inv_interfaced_flag is 'Y' for ITS completed normally.
    While their is another case occured when i ITS completed with warning and
    oe_interfaced_flag is 'Y' and inv_interfaced_flag is 'P' . what might be the reason for that??