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Apr 23, 2011

Dual UOM

In Oracle inventory we have option to define dual uom for an item.Dual uom means we can track the transaction of an item in the primary as well as secondary oracle applications we have database fields to store the data in the secondary uom as well as secondary quantity.
Please note that just defining an item in dual uom doesnot set the system to track the transaction of an item in primary quantity/UOM as well as secondary quantity/UOM.If we want to track an dual control item in dual UOM then while creating an item we sbould set "Tracking " as " Primary and Secondary".once done system will track all transactions in primary and secondary quantity and UOM.


  1. One more important thing is, if you want "Tracking " as " Primary and Secondary" then the item must not be a BOM allowed item

    Devendra Gulve

  2. An Item that is Track in Primary and Seconday can be defined as BOM Allowed.

  3. On additional note to my previous answer, though system let the BOM allowed flag to be checked for items that we want to track in dual UOM , but in my opinion it is vary rare to have BOM items ( model etc) to be track by Dual UOM.

  4. can invoicing be done on the basis of the secondary UOM

  5. Yes It can , but in that case make your that your Shipped as well as Fulfilled qty should be in secondary UOM.

    Other soultion is - if requirement is just to print Secondary UOM in your Invoicing report then you can customized your invoicing report and print Secondary UOM and secondary Qty.

    If time permits , will try to do a test case and publish at

    Note - If you ship in primary and want to invoice in secondary , then as per my understanding that is not possible ( but again you can customized your report to print the secondary info on Invoicing report).

  6. I have explained it further in my post
    O2C(Order to Cash) Transaction flow in Dual UOM