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Mar 26, 2011

ADF Mobile Browser Application to Get Sales Order Line data from Oracle Apps

This is a short Presentation about How to create Mobile Browser JSF Pages to retrieve sales Order lines details based in Flow Status Code( Line Status).

Customer Requirement -
Customer has requirement to desgin Mobile Application to Browse the Sales Order line based on the Line Status.
Solution -
To Fulfill the requiremengt we have design the Mobile Application with ADF Mobile Browser Technologies with JSF Page by using MyFaceTrinidad Components.
was to Display
Sales Order Number
Customer Name
Customer Number
Order Qty
Item Name
Shipped Qty
based in the Flow Status Code passed as parameter ,
for all the Orders Created in last 90 days.

To Fulfill the requirement we have design the JSF Page
with Trinidad Navigation List.In the Navigation List we query
for Field flow Status code and based in it values in the Navigation List Control prints
all the required values in the Detail block of the Navigation
List Trinidad control.
For Demo Please refer the Below You Tube Link(With Sound )

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