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Mar 30, 2011

User cannot perform set operations on this line.

"User cannot perform set operations on this line", this is very common throw by Oracle Application when you try to add a Sales Order line to existing Fulfillment/Ship/Arrival Set. There are many reasons for this Error, but in this post I will discuss one such Case.

Steps -1.
Create Sales Order and Add a Model Line as well as Standard line in the Order .

Steps -2.
Expand the Model and navigate to the Class Line.

Steps -3.
Try to add the Class Line in a New or Existing Fulfillment Set and Boom , you get the error message "User cannot perform set operations on this line".

Reason - Why on Earth you want to add the Class to a Fulfillment Set (Note -Model are always in an Implicit Fulfillment Set ) , but if you want to add the Model and Non Model line in a Fulfillment set then Add the Model line and Non Model line , but do not try to add a Non - Model line and Child of Model ( Class/Option) to the Fulfillment Set as that is not Supported behavior and that also has no business need.

Please Note that When we add a model line to a Set , Set will propagate to all the childs of the Model , but this is not the case if you add a CLASS beneath a MODEL in the Fulfillment set.

Create Sales Order with Model  

 Add a Non-Model Line to Order ( I mean Standard line)
 Try to Add  Item of type Class (of Model) to Fulfillment Set
Error Message

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