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Oct 1, 2010

How to Create WSDL Web Services with Oracle AS Adapter for Oracle Applications.

This is a shot presentation about How to design/Deploy Web Services with Oracle AS Adapter for Oracle applications.Here I will cover ONLY , how to Create web Service with Interface type as PL/SQL type Inter. These Adapter are very useful for Integrating Oracle Applications with Oracle / Non-Oracle Systems and they made the Integration process very easy and simple.

Demo- Demo in the Post is about How to Delete the Sales Order line from Oracle Order Management System using Web-Service designed by means of Oracle AS Adapter.

OracleAS Adapter for Oracle Applications provides comprehensive, bidirectional, multimodal, synchronous, and asynchronous connectivity to Oracle Applications. The Adapter supports Release 12 and Release 11i  of E-business Suite.

OracleAS Adapter for Oracle Applications enables you to orchestrate discrete data into a meaningful business process and creates WSDL Web services for various interface types within Oracle E-Business Suite. It plays the role of service provider for Oracle E-Business Suite to allow seamless integration between business partners, processes, applications, and end users in heterogeneous environment.

These adapters supports the following interface types for integrating with Oracle Applications:
  1. Oracle XML Gateway
  2. Business events
  3. Concurrent programs
  4. Interface tables
  5. PL/SQL APIs

In this post I will cover about  how to create Web Service  from Oracle application Standard Public PL/SQL API.I used Oracle JDeveloper to Created the WSDL web Service Will discuss other types in coming  posts.

In the Below youtube Demo I have 
  1. Created a Web Service with Oracle AS Adapter to Delete the Open Sales Order line.
  2. Designed a BPEL process to Invoke the Web Service as partner link.
  3. Deploy the BPEL Process.
  4. Test the BPEL Flow.

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