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Oct 20, 2010

Drop Ship Order Stuck with Awaiting Receipt Status

In this post I will discuss about Drop Ship Order stuck with 'Awaiting Receipt' Status.There could be 100s of reason for order line stuck at this status,But here I will discuss the case where
  1. Order Line is at Status = Awaiting Receipt
  2. Order line workflow is at SHIP_LINE - NOTIFIED
  3. Requisition is Created and Approved.
  4. Purchase Order is Created /Approved.
  5. Receipt is Already Created.

With PO is received , our expectations are that Order line workflow should progress to Deferred Fulfill Status, same was mine , but when I learnt from user that Order Line is not moving , I Start digging around and notice some very intyeresting fact.
As per user , they have deleted /canceled the PO Shipment Created from the drop ship sales order and Created a New Shipment and Received the Quantity against the Newly created Shipment . Well with above scenario NOWAY order line will progress from AWAITING RECEIPT satatus and it will stuck there for ever.

let me explain -
As soon as user deleted the PO shipment , link between OM and PO broken ( PO data in the oe_drop-ship_sources got nullified) , though data of requisition still there in this table.
After that when user created the New Shipment , it was no more a dropship Shipment, rather is is just a normal Shipment Created for PO , that was the reason when user received this shipment it fails to progress the Order line.

Solution - First of all don't do like this , if you have some issue with the Quantity , then update the Order line, and if you are in R12.1.1 this change will automatically reflect in PO , but if you are in 11i you need to make this change manually.
Now to fix this issue ,create the PO with auto create ( as data for requisition is still in oe_drop_ship-sources_all) ,Once PO created , approve and receive the PO , receiving(RTP) will automatically push the Order line from SHIP_LINE -Notified status to Defer fulfill and Order line status will change from AWAITING-RECEPIT to RETURNED.

Hope that helps

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