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Aug 6, 2010

XML reports with Oracle JDeveloper

While exploring Oracle JDeveloper for ADF , I found an Interesting feature of JDeveloper , XSQL .
This feature allow you generate the XML from a SQL Query with in minutes with Oracle JDeveloper XQuery function. you need not to be an expert in XML , only skill you need is SQL and just Drag and Drop.

I have uploaed all Screen Shot on my Picasa Album , Click on below Screen Shot and it will Navigate you to my Picasa Album.

Below are Steps to Create report in XML Format as shown in Above Demo.

Step #1 - Go to JDeveloper and Create a new Project , Select > XML > XSQL File
Step #2 - Name your Project and drag Query(XSQL) control to your Editor ( Slide -2)
Step #3 - Set the Property of Query Control, like (Slide-3)
  • # of Rows ,
  • Element properties ( Row Set Element , Row Element) , Press Next
Step #4 - configure your database Connection , Press Next (Slide-4)
Step #5 - Write your SQL and select Finish Button ( Slide-5)
Step #6 -Wizard will do all work for you and setup Connection details for you. (Slide-6)
Step #7 - Run your file
Step #8 - Here you go with your output. ( Slide-7)
Based in your requirement Attach Style Sheet with this Output.