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Aug 11, 2010

XML Report with Bind parameters in Oracle JDeveloper

This Post is with continuation of my previous Post about how to design the XML Reports from SQL Query with XQuery in Oracle JDeveloper.
Last post was about how to do a Simple report , this Post is about how to design a report with Bind Parameters.
I have uploaed all Screen Shot on my Picasa Album , Click on below Screen Shot and it will Navigate you to my Picasa Album

Below are Steps to Create report in XML Format as shown in Above Demo

Step #1 - Go to JDeveloper and Create a new Project , Select > XML > XSQL File
Step #2 - Name your Project and drag Query(XSQL) control to your Editor ( Slide -1), it actually open Wizard
Step #3 - Set the Property of Query Control, like # of Rows , Element properties ( Row Set Element , Row Element) , Press Next ( Slide-1)
Step #4 - configure your database Connection , Press Next (Not in Slides)
Step #5 - Write your SQL, for all the Bind Parameter you need to define "?".( Slide-2) , press next
Step #6 - Wizard will do all work for you and setup Connection for you. (Slide-3)
Step #7 - Define your Bind Parameter , Just type Bind , rest Oracle JDeveloper will do for you (Slide-3/4/5).Please Note that all Parameter are positional Parameters.
Step #8 - Run your file( Slide-6)
Step #9 - No data at all , as we have not define any parameters( Slide-7)
Step #10 - Eneter he parameters and Refersh the browser , here you go with your output. ( Slide-8/9).
If you want you can attach a CSS Systel sheet to your XML output.

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