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Jun 18, 2010

Update options on a Sales Order .

One of Reader ask me what are the update option he have, once he create a Sales Order by means of Copy Order options ( Copy Order from one OU to another Oprtaing Unit (OU)).

His question is Changes in Order Header (Order Status = ENTERED) , in terms of changing
Order Type
Price List
Bill - To
Ship-To etc .
Please note that Changes in Order Header are not depend on how you create the Sales Order ( Copy /Import or Manual Entry) , it's all depend on your Processing Constraints ( Seeded + custom), customization , defaulting Rules,personalization etc.

For Additonal Info on Processing Constarinst , please refer my post Processing Constrainst in OM

Here I will discuss only the PC.
e.g  - System will not allow you to change Order Type if Lines already exists in the system , but it let you change Price List , Bill - To , Ship -To etc.

So wheneven you plan to make a chnage in your Sales Order or want to build any customization based on Changes on the Sales Order ,  you need to visit your Processing Constraints Rule.
Below are 2 Processing Constarints Rule.

Below seeded PC will not allow you to change Order Type if
Order Type is Gapless , OR
Status = Booked ,  OR
Lines exists in Order.

Similarly below PC will not allow you to change Order Header if Invoice activity is complete.

Also System will not allow you to disable Seeded Constarinst and sometime disabling some of the seeded constraint is not good for business.
You need to review all the PC and check what is possible and what not.

Hope that helps


  1. Hi,

    Thank you very much for your update. Now I have another problem. Please go through the the following Business scenario.

    Let we have two OU A1 and B1 under two different LE A & B. Under A1 and B1 there is two Inventory Org A11 and B11. Now A1 gets Order from Customer but B1 ship it. Means A1 is selling Org and B1 is Shipping Org. B1 shipped the material to Customer but raise Bill against A1.

    I know through Intercompany set up it can be done. But I dont know the Set UP details and process.

    Please help me.


  2. Hey

    You are right, your requirement can be implemented easily via Intercompany.
    I too not very good in that subject,let me chk with someone who is good in that and will upadate you .