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Apr 17, 2010

Oracle iStore and Advance Pricing Integration

Recently I was working with my client to build a custom solution to Integrate iStore with Pricing.

Requirement was, Price in the iStore catalog should be same as that of Order Management .Not a big deal , that was what I said whey they called me , but letter I have realized that when we create Sales Order in Order Management we have all the information that we need like
1.    Customer Party Details
2.    Bill – To /Ship – To
3.    Order Type
4.    Price List
5.    Shipping Method

And based on above information, Qualifier /modifier got triggered and pricing engine derived the Price for Item. where as in iStore Catalog we don't have these attributes/fields available, more over customer has complex business requirements for pricing and for that he has lot of custom qualifiers, and these qualifiers have no issues in Order Management (as OM support all the standard and custom Pricing Qualifiers) , but using those custom qualifier in iStore is not available in out of box solution.

In iStore Catalog at the time of Catalog we have very limited Information available
1.    Customer Name and Party Name
and based on this information none of the custom qualifiers  conditions satisfied and thus there was lot of price difference in iStore Catalog and the iStore Cart (in Cart price was same as  Order Management where as in case of Catalog it was different).

To fulfill this requirement, we quickly designed one UI where custom enter all the attributes ( like the above 5) , and then I developed an custom process to read the values from custom UI and search through the qualifer in advance pricing and get the qualifiers and feed that to QP_PREQ_PUB.PRICE_REQUEST , and as expected value return by the API was same as price return by the Order management.

In face we latter scrap the custom UI and used the lookup code to capture all the  attributes on which customer has build the qualifiers.

That’s all for now.


  1. Hi ,

    We have a requirement to set the Freight charges based on the shipping method selected.We can achieve this condition in OM through Qualifier setup.As qualifiers are not supported by Istore .what customization can be done to make the freight charges calculated based on the shipping meathods selected at Istore level

  2. You can achive this via attribute Mapping.