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Apr 18, 2010

AIA – Application Integration Architecture ( Concept)

 AIA – Application Integration Architecture
Oracle Application Integration Architecture is application Independent approach to build Integration and business process flow, it doesn’t matter what the whether application is
  • Oracle e-business suite
  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • 3rd Party
AIA is a complete architecture (pre-build) for orchestrating agile, user-centric business process across the enterprise applications.

With AIA Oracle let the customer to enable best –in – class applications to work together as a suite, thus allows organizations to utilize the applications of their choice to create composite business process that are unique and best to their business and that to on a flexible Service Oriented architecture (SOA).It is Integration of reusable components ( Integrating not only processes, but the data and UIs too).

Above all, all the AIA products are supported by Oracle.

Oracle Application Integration architecture offers pre-built solutions at data, process and UI level and deliver complete process solution. All of AIA components have been designed to work together in a mix and match fashion and built for configurability.

Oracle has deliver AIA solution in below 3 categories.
  1. Direct Integration
  2. Process Integration Packs (PIP)
  3. Foundation Packs (FP)
Direct Integrations (DI) – These are Pre-built integrations that support data flows between systems.

Process Integration Packs (PIP) – This is solution to help customer to optimize the business processes. These are Pre-built composite business processes across enterprise Applications.

Foundation Pack  (FP) – Foundation Pack let the user build the solution themselves based on your business requirements. Foundation Pack provide you all
  • Best Practices
  • Methodologies and Naming Standards.
  • Tools
  • Templates
Since FP is pre-built Integration solution with all the above available customer can save lot of Money and time and directly jump into real solution rather than building integration from scratch..
FP is Pre-build Programming Model and includes Enterprise Common Objects (EBO) and Enterprise Business Services (EBS).
EBS is Library of the Pre-Build Services and EBO or the Business Objects. For Example we have EBO likes
  • Customer
  • Sales Order
  • Invoice
  • Payments
And EBS will be pre-define services for each type of business , in my example , suppose EBO is Sales Order then EBS is Library that include
·    Create Order
·    Update Order
·    Delete Order etc
Best of EBO and EBS are they are upgradeable and user can build extension for these EBO and EBS. These are not just the concept Oracle has built/Shipped the Real Code for these EBO and EBS.
With all these features available in FP , user can easily build Integration at there own if they are not interested in PIP. But I would like to make a suggestion to have a look at PIP before you try to build at your own using FB.
If you want to read more about that check
I am doing my reading and testing and will add more posts.

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