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Mar 30, 2010

Shipping Purge in Oracle e business Suite (R12 - New Feature)

In R12 E-business Suite Oracle has introduced another new feature to Purge Shipping Execution (WSH) data.
(Oracle Apps)

In this Post I will explain the various feature offered in Oracle Shipping (e-business ).
Shipping Purge allow us to purge Shipping data for
  •  Delivery
  •  Trip
  •  Delivery Lines
  •  LPN

For purge, Oracle in R12 (e-business suite) has added a new concurrent program “Shipping Purge”, It has lot of parameters and allow you to purge shipping data based on parameters.

Some of parameters for the concurrent Program.

  • Organization
  • Sales Order From and To
  • Ship Date From and To
  • Purge “in Transit Stop”
  • Creation Data From and To
  • Beyond x days etc
Oracle e-business suite has offered this Concurrent program in 2 modes.

  • View Purge Selection
  • Purge
View Purge Selection - If concurrent program executed in this model it will not delete any data, it rather print the data that is selected for purge , so that user can verify the data

Purge - If concurrent program executed in this model it will Purge the selected data.

Purge featured offered in R12 make sure about the data Integrity and will not purge any data that result in orphan’s records in other modules. It ensure that

1. Purge process purges complete set of records , e.g if you want to purge the trip and that trip is 5 deliveries , 4 are closed but 1 is still open then system will not let you purge the trip data.

2. It also validate the other Integrated modules before purging data, eg before purging delivery /delivery details/Trip it check the Order management data and make sure that order lines related to shipping data are not exists, same is the case with warehouse management data. If any such validation/restriction fails, Shipping will not purge data.

This is great feature offered in R12 , as it help user to purge the Not required Shipping data and Save disk Space.

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