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Mar 30, 2010

Parallel Pick Release in Shipping ( R12 New Feature)

Oracle has introduced lots of Interesting features in R12 (e-business Suite).In this post I will talk about the one such feature.
Parallel Pick Release
With this feature user can now run the Pick Release processes in parallel and improve the over all performance.

One of Key Advantage of with Parallel Processing of the Pick release process is user can apply /engage additional (if available) resources to process the Pick release data that was previously process by 1 process only and hence save lot of time by submitting this process in Parallel.

Following are the changes made for this feature –

1. A new Parameter (No. Of Child Processes) has introduced in Pick release Concurrent Program.
2. A new profile option (WSH: No. Of pick release child processes) has introduced , it indicate how many child processes you want to spawn.

If we run the Pick release from in Online Mode or Public API (online mode) then only 1 child processes to be spawned ( as good as existing behavior).
Some Constraints -
Irrespective of the parameter value and the profile option only 1 child process will be spawned if
1. Auto Create Delivery = Y and print Pick Slip is set as Immediate
2. Auto Create Delivery = Y and Delivery is enabled as Pick slip Grouping rule.


WSH: No. Of pick release child processes.
If value of this profile option is Null or 1 then only 1 Child Process will be submitted.
If value of this profile option is > = 2 (2 to n) then N no. of Child Process will be submitted for Pick release ( some restriction applied , as discussed below).

By setting this profile option to any value doesn’t mean system will spawned that many child process. The # of child process spawned depend upon this profile option as well as the Unique item in the data SELECTED for the pick release.

Or more precisely we say No. of child process available for Pick release depend on the # of unique “Item and Organization “ combination.

Concurrent Program
As explained earlier a new Parameter (No. of Child Processes) has been introduced in concurrent Program “ Pick Selection List Generation – SRS”.

No. of child processes spawned are depend on the value you enter in this parameter , and by default value from the Profile option “WSH: No. of pick release child processes” defaulted for this parameter , but here we have advantage to overwrite the value of profile.

Note - # of pick slip reports not depend on this profile options, they still depend on the pick slip Grouping rules.

Other Considerations

· If we submit the pick release process from the Shipping Transaction UI, then only 1 process will be launch, parallel Pick release will not applicable, but if we launch the Pick Release process from Shipping transaction UI , Tools > then the Parallel Pick release Process will work fine.

· In SRS window, all the child process will carry the Parent Request ID of the parent.

For detaied info, feel free to contact me.


  1. Hello,

    Can you please elaborate more on this R12 feature using some examples/scenarios?

    Much appreciated

  2. Even with constraints that you mentioned, more that one child request is getting spawned.

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