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Mar 30, 2010

Actual Shipment Date for Pick Release (R12 New Feature)

Oracle in e-business R12 has offered a new feature to let user enter the “Actual Departure Date” at the time of Pick Release.

In Oracle Shipping Module (e-business), complete process from Pick Release to Ship confirm has already automated and not required any human Interface. Only point that left is ability to record the shipping Date as the data on which actual (physical) shipment has happened. As of now system record the shipping date as the date on which Shipping data processed on Oracle System.Now in R12 onward Oracle has introduced feature to allow user enter Actual Shipment Date

This feature was very well required as in many industries they do the actual Shipping in Date D1 and then process the Shipping data in Oracle system on date D2. In Oracle System it always take the system data as the shipping date, thus result in discrepancies, Also many a time organization uses 3rd party system for Pick Pack and ship and then bring back the data into Oracle Shipping for Invoicing and other calculation , but again Oracle by default put the System data as shipping date and it create problems in managing the shipment activities and revenue recognition.

 With this enhancement, Oracle allow user to enter the “Actual Departure Date” in

  • Sales Order Picking
  • Ship confirm SRS Parameter Window
  • Pick release SRS Parameter Window.
A new field “Actual Departure Date” has added in above 3

In all the 3 cases system will allow the user to enter data other than the system date , that means the data on which actual shipment took place.

This added a great flexibility by allowing user to Interface to OM and INV at a later data and still reflects the actual shipment date.

For more details let me know.


  1. Do you happen to know where this date is stored in the database? (table and field names)

  2. in oe_order_lines_all table , column name is actual_shipment_date.

    Hope that helps

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  3. Hi,

    Does this feature will allow us to alter sales order pick date?