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Nov 10, 2009

How to customized Oracle "Close line" Workflow subprocess

In this blog I will explain how to customized Close Sub Process Oracle Order management Workflow .

Problem Statement - Customer has Sales Order with
1.One Ship Line
1. One RMA Line

Ship line is close , but RMA line is open.Both the lines are created from Non-Oracle Order Management System(I will refere that system asNOOS in this blog ) .Now any Change NOOS will cancel the RMA line and Insert New RMA line.My Order Header workflow is setup is "Close the Order Header , once all lines are closed".

Now when user make a change in NOOS , it cancel existing RMA line and Insert NEW RMA line.Below are the sequence of events that are triggered by any change in NOOS.
1.In Order Management  once OLD/existing  RMA line got cancelled , line workflow progress to Close and then pogress "Close -Continue Header" and finally let Order header Close.
2.Insert New RMA line , but before that has happened Order header has already progressed to Close -Order workflow activity , so user getting Error "Order Header is Closed".

Solution - To Fix the issue , I have suggested customer to customized the RMA line workflow , and a BLOCK workflow activity between "CLOSE_LINE" workflow activity and "Close-Continue Header" activity and Set the Relative Time for Block activity to 1 minutes.
With this fix , their will be dealy of 1 minute before the cancelled RMA line progress from "CLOSE_LINE" to  "Close-Continue Header"  and by this line NEW RMA line got created and thus avoid the Error "Order Header is Close".

Existing Order Line Close Line Process.

Created Block Activity with 1 Minute Delay.

Copy pasted and Rename the Oracle Standard Close Line Sun Process and then Insert Block activity b/w CLOSE_LINE and Close-Continue Header in that.

NOTE - Please Note that Oracle Order Management/Workflow user guide always suggest to create a new Process/Sub process by Copy existing standard process/sub process and make your changes.Please do not make changes directly in Standard workflow process/sub process.

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