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Nov 13, 2009

How to Setup ATP Override Option in Oracle Order Management.

In Oracle Order management Scheduling Interact with the MRP Engine and drive the Available to Promise date for an Item.
But for above to true we have to make sure that ATP rules should be define .These rules will determine the SUPPLY and DEMAND of an item.

ATP Rules should be associated with an Item and/or Inventory Organization.
But some time there is business requirement to schedule an item even if there is NO SUPPLY for that item.With this I mean to say that we still want to derive the Schedule Ship date even if the SUPPLY details are not cleared.For that we need to OVERRIDE ATP.

Below are the Setup to Override ATP in OM.
  1. Set Profile Option OM:Authorized to Override ATP
Different ways to Override ATP.
  • Check the Override check box in Order lines
  • Enter Schedule Ship date manually.


  1. I was about to setup ATP override and I was having some doubts, thanx for the post, it really helped me a lot.

  2. hi. i have done same configuration but i am receiving error due to ship set. do you have any information?