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Oct 14, 2009

New Copy Order Features in Oracle Order Management R12.1.1 oow#09

with Reference #oow09

Oracle OM team has introduced new copy order header/lines feature , Now can created Multiple copies of 1 order in 1go. can display the New Order after copy . This is based on 1 new profile option. If this Profile option is Yes , System will display the new order after the copy process. In case you are creating theMultiple copies of a order this will not work.
3.Also they are defaulting the Current Order # while copying the order in case you want to add the line to Order .
4.BEST OF ALL - Now you can copy orders across the Operating Units . (Please note that this is for 12.1.1)


  1. But how can i copy the order accross the Operating Units. Please let me show the process.

    Krishanu Ghosh

  2. Hey Krishan

    Just posted the screen shot about how to copy across OU. I am sure you are asking for that only.

    Let me know if you are looking for something else.