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May 3, 2010

How to Design ADF Bounded Task flow Pages.

In this post I will discuss , What is Bounded taskflow and How to design bounded taskflow with Oracle JDeveloper.

What is Bounded Task flow - As name says these are the task flows with well-defined boundary.
They have activities of type -View, Router, Method call , task flow call and return etc.

Some of Important characteristics of bounded task flows are
1.Single point of entry & zero or more exit points.
2.Use as region on a page with Page Fragments.
3.You can pass parameters to bounded task flows.
4.It must be called to invoke it etc

There are 2 methods to create bounded task flow

  1. Initially create bounded task flow flow with pages and then convert into fragments after testing pages completely. Please note that you cannot run individual fragments itself.
  2. Create unbounded task flow and then extract part of it as unbounded task flow.

Jdev provide us option to convert Bounded task flow with pages into Bounded task flow with fragments and vice – versa in single click of mouse.

Application of Bounded task flow –
  1. As set of pages and Other activities in a large application.
  2. As a region, providing navigation between page fragments in a single containing page.
  3. Use as a modal dialog box, launched from a page.
For More Info on ADF Pages , refer my posts on ADF.
    Test Case
    In this example, I will explain how a Unbounded task flow Page work.
    For my test case I have design a JSF Page with Panel Accordin (with 2 Panels).
    Panel 1 has simple Button that calls Unbounded Task flow
    Panel 2 has bounded task flow with 3 fragments along with Train Control.

    Here, I will discuss unbounded task flow only.

    Create one Unbounded task flow as shown below

    Create Bounded task flow “Stat-task_flow_definition.xml: as shown below
    web Tier > JSF Page > ADF Task Flow).

    Uncheck "Create with page Fragments", as we canot run the Fragments for testing.We can Run only Pages.
    Check "Create Train"

    Drop "view" component from component pallete into task flow.Since this is First page , it will work as Default Page.Default page is always surrounded by GREEN Circle.

    Drop other required pages.Since we have checked the checkbox "Create train", JDEV automatically create train beteen pages.

    After you drop all pages , Drop the Return Activity.

    Once all components for bounded pages droped on task flow, create the pages, by double -click the page .It will create .jspx file.


    Once Pages are readt , Drop the train components from component pallete.
    There are 2 types of train components
    2.train Buttom bar.

    In my example I will display both

    Drop train component for each page.

    Drop train component for each page.

    Drop train component for each page.

    Once all pages are tested , convert them in page fragments as shown below.

    Page Fragrements will stores with extension jsff.

    Page Fragments conversion.

    You can convert back fragents into Pages , as shown below.

    Go to adfc-config.xml and design Page "Taskflows.jspx", as shown below.
    Drag "Panel Accordin" component on Taskflowx.jspx.
    In panel Accordin, Create 2 panel
    1. Unbounded &
    2. Bounded.
    In Unbounded Panel drop a button to cal unbounded taskflow
    In Bounded Panel Drop the bounded task flow as region.

    Unbounded Task flows to be called from Taskflows.jspx.

    Bounded task flow droped as region on "taskflows.jspx".

    Bounded task flow droped as region on "taskflows.jspx".

    Run "taskflows.jspx".

    Run "taskflows.jspx".

    Run "taskflows.jspx".

    Run "taskflows.jspx".


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