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May 5, 2010

Improve Oracle Advance Pricing Performance - Part 1 ( R11i and R12i).

In this post I will just talk briefly about the new feature introduced in R12/11i Oracle Advance pricing to improve the performance. As all of us know that performance is very key in pricing and oracle release after release made lot/tons of successful efforts to improve performance.

In R12/11i oracle has introduced new features to improve performance.
1.    By pass the pricing of insignificant order lines.

By pass the pricing of insignificant order lines.
Thumb rule, more lines you have for pricing, and more time it will take. Many a time it has been observed that pricing engine price even those lines that doesn’t required pricing, eg. Options and Class lines for a Model or exhibits items etc. After huge unnecessary processing, the pricing engine returns a zero price for such line , we can improve performance by ignoring these lines while calling the Pricing engine.

Oracle has provide a new custom hook API QP_CUSTOM_IGNORE.IGNORE_ITEMLINE_FOR_PRICING,  to the customers where they can define logic to identify and tag such lines.
This API is called for every Order line /config line to check if pricing call is required for it or not during Pricing Engine Processing.
The profile option QP: custom ignore pricing need to be set to Y to use this custom API. Bypassing pricing of such insignificant lines shows tremendous improvement

Users have to define the custom hook API QP_CUSTOM_IGNORE. IGNORE_ITEMLINE_FOR_PRICING to identify the lines, which are not significant from pricing perspective.
The request type code is passed as one of the input parameters to this API. Based on this value, the respective line structure would be available to give more flexibly to customers to decide insignificant lines based on other source line information. For Example OE_ORDER_PUB.G_LINE would be available for ONT request_type_code and , ASO_PRICING_INT.G_LINE_REC would be available for ASO request_type_code
Then users have to set the profile QP: Custom Ignore Pricing to Yes to indicate pricing engine to consider this API during the processing.
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