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Jan 28, 2024

Streamlining Expense Invoices Integration of Expense Invoices created Concur with Oracle General Ledger Cloud


User Case : Company leveraged Concur solution for Invoice Processing and would like to Integrate Concur and Oracle Fusion GL to achieve a seamless financial workflow and accurate reporting. 

Integration Solution: Concur Invoices integration with Oracle General Ledger  Cloud automates the creation of journal entries for Concur Invoices. 

This ensures accuracy and eliminates the need for  manual data entry.

High Level Integration Design Overview for Concur Data Integration Process:
1. Data Placement: The Concur team initiates the process by depositing data files onto a designated SFTP server.
2. Scheduled Retrieval: A scheduled job, acting as an orchestrator, systematically fetches the data files from the SFTP server for subsequent processing.
3. Data Parsing: The retrieved Concur data files undergo thorough parsing to extract relevant information.
4. FBDI File Generation: In adherence to the GL Import FBDI template, data files from Concur are transformed and Mapped as per FBDI template (in OIC) for seamless integration with the General Ledger.
5. Properties File Creation: A properties file, outlining the parameters for GL Journal Import, is generated to ensure accurate data transfer.
6. FBDI Load Initiation: The Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Native Adapter for FBDI is activated, commencing the process of loading the prepared data files into the General Ledger.
7. Callback Enactment: The callback feature is purposefully enabled to facilitate real-time feedback regarding the import process, enabling prompt identification of potential issues and facilitating proactive intervention.
8. Business Event Subscription: A New OIC flow is created and subscribed to the GL Journal Import business event, ensuring seamless monitoring of the import's progress and outcomes. This is part of Call back functionality
9. Import Output Analysis: The output and response generated by the GL Import process Validate for success or failure of the import operation.
10. Conditional Actions: - 
        Success: Upon successful import of GL Journals, the Concur data files are systematically archived         for future reference and compliance purposes. 

        Failure: In the event of import failure, error notifications are promptly generated and dispatched to         pertinent stakeholders, enabling timely corrective actions.

This OIC orchestrated process provide efficient integration between Concur and the General Ledger, promoting data integrity, financial visibility, and timely error resolution.

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