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Nov 17, 2023

Meter based Preventive Maintenance Solution from Oracle eAM Cloud

Oracle EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) Cloud is designed to help organizations efficiently manage their assets throughout their lifecycle. This includes the maintenance, tracking, and optimization of physical assets such as equipment, machinery, and facilities. Oracle EAM Cloud typically covers a wide range of asset management functionalities, including preventive maintenance, work orders, inventory management, and more.

Some key aspects related to meter management within the context of Oracle EAM Cloud:

Asset Monitoring:

  • Oracle EAM Cloud likely provides features for monitoring asset performance, and this may involve integrating with meters to capture data related to equipment efficiency, energy usage, or other measurable factors.

Preventive Maintenance Based on Meter Readings:

  • The system may enable the scheduling of preventive maintenance based on meter readings. For example, maintenance tasks could be triggered when certain thresholds are reached, ensuring timely intervention to avoid breakdowns.

Work Order Management:

  • Meter readings might be linked to work order management within Oracle EAM Cloud. When maintenance is required based on meter data, work orders can be generated and managed through the system.
we offered wide range of solution to integrate you cloud system for meter Reading management.

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