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Sep 13, 2023

Some Common Use Cases for Oracle BICC

 Some Common Use Cases for Oracle BICC

  • Extracting data from Oracle SaaS applications: BICC can be used to extract data from a variety of Oracle SaaS applications, including Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Customer Service Cloud, and Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud. Though we can write BIP /OTBI report to extract the data ( but these 2 methods are good for reporting but not for Full load or Incremental data extract , as they query against the core tables) .
        BICC extract are very efficient and at any time we have option to reset to full load without                     changing in query or code.
The extracted data can then be loaded into a variety of data destinations, including Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), Oracle Exadata Cloud Service, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

  • Loading data into Oracle ADW: BICC can be used to load data into Oracle ADW from a variety of sources, including on-premises data warehouses, cloud data warehouses, and flat files. The loaded data can then be used for BI and analytics applications.
  • Creating data marts: BICC can be used to create data marts that are based on data from Oracle SaaS applications.

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