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Sep 14, 2023

OFS Activity Processing

 In this blog I have listed high level validation that I usually include in my OIC while creating activity in OFS , where source for Activity data is 3rd party ( Source system).


  1. Is Activity type is valid value in OFS , if not just terminate the flow.
  2. Is there any Technician details exists in Payload ( that is send by source system, while triggering OIC).
  3. Is Technician details exists in OFS or this is new Tech.(Not yet created in OFS), if this is new tech then Create New Resource as well as new User in OFS ( and if required send email notifications to stakeholders)
  4. If technician details exits and if flag in payload indicates that this is a preferred tech. for work, then once activity is created , call the OFS APIs and add the technician as preferred tech. for activity.
  5. If there is preferred tech. exists in activity payload , also validate tech. schedule and see if he/she is working between SLA time line , if yes then continue assigning tech to activity , but of Tech is not working during Time line then assign activity to Team/branch etc.
  6. Validate if new task has any priority associated with it , and based on data in the payload assign a Position to activity in Route
Once Activity created successfully in OFS , and there is need to send the data back to source or any down stream system ( when ever there is change of status of activity ) , then design and new OIC flow and subscribe to OFS activity events , like 
and take action as per need .

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