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Jun 26, 2021

How to take Snapshot in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)


In this blog I will try to explain how to take Snapshot in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

A snapshot captures the state of your environment at a point in time.

  1. Snapshots don’t include data that's hosted on external data sources.
  2. You can keep up to 40 snapshots online and download without any limits.
  3. OAC takes a snapshot when user publishes changes to the data model.
  4. The minimum interval between these automatically generated snapshots is one hour
Navigation to SnapShot

> console > Snapshots

There are two option while collecting the snapshot

  1. Everything - Saves entire environment.
  2. Custom -You select which content to save in the snapshot. Some content types are always included while others are optional.
Options while taking snapshot
  1. The options content types can be selected/descaled.
  2. The mandatory content types are selected by default.
  3. While restoring the snapshots the custom Option will allow us to choose the content types to be restored from the snapshot.
Options while restoring the snapshot

Replace Snapshot Content Only
    Everything in snapshot, unchanged with excluded content
Replace Everything
    Replaces entire content using available Content in the snapshot
    Excluded content will be resorted to default
    select the content needs to be restore .
    exclude the unwanted content before you restore

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