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Mar 29, 2016

Oracle Endeca Extensions for e-business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite Information Discovery is a collection of integrated applications that enable real time access to operational data, driving better cost and revenue decisions.”
Oracle E-Business Suite Information Discovery applications are aimed at solving the problem of enterprises to optimize operational decisions and improve process efficiency with

 what users should work on next. Leveraging Oracle Endeca Information Discovery technology, these integrated applications provide an information-driven approach to navigation that helps users focus
on the right information, at the right time, to make the right decisions

K E Y F E A T U R E S of Endeca Information discovery apps(designed and Developed @Endeca Studio)  for ebs

  1. Key performance metrics 
  2. Instant search results
  3. Search across organizations
  4. Search on attached documents 
  5. Advanced visualization 
  6. Guided Navigation
  7. Range filters with histograms 
  8. Tag cloudsCharts
  9. Cross tab
  10. Fully integrated with Oracle EBusiness Suite 
  11. Available for both desktop and mobile devices

K E Y B E N E F I T S  for IT and Business
  1. See more and act faster
  2. Mobile access with great performance
  3. Experience quick user adoption and utilization
  4. Improve communication of data with support for a variety of visualizations and charts 
  5. Fast deployment
  6. No change to Oracle E-Business Suite database
  7. Out-of-the-box UI and security integration
  8. Analysis on structured and unstructured information from Oracle E-Business Suite investment
  9. Flexibly meet new business requirements through configuration instead of custom coding
The available Oracle E-Business Suite Information Discovery applications span the EBusiness
Suite product areas, and include:
  1. Oracle iProcurement Information Discovery
  2. Oracle iRecruitment Information Discovery
  3. Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Information Discovery
  4. Oracle Field Service Information Discovery
  5. Oracle Order Management Information Discovery
  6. Oracle Discrete Manufacturing Information Discovery
  7. Oracle Inventory Management Information Discovery
  8. Oracle Channel Revenue Information Discovery
  9. Oracle Warehouse Management Information Discovery
  10. Oracle Installed Base Information Discovery
  11. Oracle Process Manufacturing Information Discovery
  12. Oracle Cost Management Information Discovery
  13. Oracle Depot Repair Information Discovery
  14. Oracle Learning Management Information Discovery
  15. Oracle Financials Information Discovery
  16. Oracle TeleService Information Discovery
  17. Oracle Human Resources Information Discovery
  18. Oracle Quality Information Discovery
  19. Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Information Discovery
  20. Oracle iStore Information Discovery
  21. Oracle Quoting Information Discovery
  22. Oracle Incentive Compensation Information Discovery
  23. Oracle Contract Renewal Command Center
  24. Oracle Advanced Project Planning and Control


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