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May 25, 2014

Interactive Tableau Dashboard for Oracle Sales Order Analysis - 2

This webcast is about how we can use Tableau tool to create Interactive Dashboard to analyze Oracle application data and host dashboard in Cloud

My test case for today is , I would like to analyses my sales data ( From Oracle Order Management ) and see what’s going on at Sales Front . For my dashboard I have connected tableau BI tool with Oracle application and retrieve data from Sales Order Header and Lines table
I have divided my dashboard in 4 sections 
Top –Left - Order Count by Status 
Bottom - Left - Order Count by Order Type 
Top – Right - Customer Wise Total Sales 
Bottom – Right - Sales Details info like Order # , Qty Orders, Line Status , Item and many more
Please refer below YouTube video for complete details about my Sales dashboard

if you are interested we can design dashboard for you plus host those on Tableau cloud .For additional information you can reach me at

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