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Dec 30, 2013

Some of Changes Oracle has Introduced in OPM in R12i

In Release 12 the OPM and Oracle Inventory products have 'converged', meaning Release 11i entities in OPM like Organizations (SY_ORGN_MST) and Warehouses (IC_WHSE_MST) have disappeared.Plus all transaction information is now saved in the Discrete Inventory tables like MTL_Material_Transactions ( Release 11i tables IC_TRAN_PND and IC_TRAN_CMP are not used at all ).

In Release 11i each Item Number appeared once only in table IC_ITEM_MST.  This table is now obsolete, and all Items (Process and Discrete) are defined in table MTL_System_Items.Each Item can be assigned to multiple Organizations (both Discrete and Process-Enabled) and appears that many times in the MTL_Syatem_Items table.

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