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Jun 9, 2013

ShipSet with Non Transactable Items

Recently one of the Read has question that they have define Freight Item with attributes
Shippable  = YES and 
Transactable = NO
and added this freight item in SHIPSET with the regular Shippable and Transactable items.

With this setup expectations are - Both the Regular and Freight Item should be Shipped together , but actually regular item got shipped without the Freight item ( even when both are part of same shipset).

Solution -

Please Note that ,a ship set for non-transactable delivery lines is not validated during pick release because the item(s) are not picked from inventory. Only shippable / stockable / transactable items will be forced to ship at the same time when all lines are on the same ship set .

Thus it is not a good idea to out the Transactable and not transactable items in same Ship set.

Hope that helps.

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