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Mar 15, 2013

How to define and progress Service Items in Oracle Order Management - 1

This is First Post on series "How to define and progress Service Items in Oracle Order Management ", stay tune in for more post on same topic.

Order Management enables you to order services from its Sales Order workbench. You
can order services for product items currently being ordered, i.e. immediate services, or
you can order services for already installed product items or delayed services.

Order Management enables you to:
  1. order service lines along with the product lines.
  2. import service lines and service orders using order import.
  3. perform applicable operations that the application applies to any other order, including billing.
  4. enter service for all serviceable options in a configuration once.

Order Management I workflow driven , so as the case for the service line too.
Order Management enables you to utilize Oracle Workflow to manage your service lines with service item types. Service lines are non-schedulable and non-shippable, to implement service items ,assign a  Bill Only  workflow process that does not include these two functions  ( as Shown below)

How to Assign Work flow to line type - You can Assign work flow to Order line type from Oracle Workflow Assignments window in Order Transaction type UI.

Once  bill only  workflow assigned to Service line, any transaction for Service line will use the same work flow. A s soon as you book the Order , Service line progress to Invoicing activity , as there are no scheduling or Shipping activities involves( and for how to delay service line from invoicing till product line ship please refer below Shipping Section , and regarding how service line interact with the Service contract , will explain that in coming posts)

Note - When you apply duration-related changes to the service order line, Order Management
automatically applies those changes to the associated service order lines in the configuration.

Order Management, Shipping, and Oracle Service provide you with the ability to  synchronize the start of a service program with the shipment of an associated product. You can define the Service Starting Delay when you define serviceable products in Oracle Inventory. The Service Starting Delay represents the time in days an included warranty is offset to commence after the shipment date.

The start date of the support service is the ship date plus the starting delay. The end date is calculated by adding the duration to the start date of the support service. This is applicable for included
warranties and not extended warranties (service programs).


  1. Hello, how can i change quantity on a bill only line, it gets status fulfilled where i can not change qty. can we put a hold before status fulfilled? (on status entered or booked)?

  2. Hi Haydar
    to maintain the Integrity of data oracle has provided many constraints like not to let user change the quantity when Status is fulfilled , because these kind of changes will create data corruption.

    regarding adding of hold , you can place a hold as soon as order is entered or booked

  3. Hello there,
    Is there any document i can use to place hold on a booked bill only line? before fulfilled?

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