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Feb 16, 2013

Some of the changes in R12i eAM as compared to R11i

In this post I have highlight few of the technical Changes that oracle has introduced in R12i 

  1. MTL_SERIAL_NUMBERSof R11i has replaced with CSI_ITEM_INSTANCES in R12i.
  2. EAM_METERS ( R11i)  has  replaced with CSI_COUNTERS and CSI_COUNTERS_B , CSI_COUNTER_READING  in R12i.
  3. in r12i we have IB data Model , data from eAM interfaced to Oracle Install Base (IB) , SFM used by IB to process eAM transaction.
  4. In R11i all asset that need to manage should be defined in Maintenance Organization , where as in R12i Maintenance Org can create Work order on Asset that define in Maintenance Org or in any other aAM enabled org.
  5. in R12i Asset number has globally unique where as in R11i we have duplicate asset number in different organization.
  6. In R12i  we have status like START_DATE/END_DATE where as in R11i we have status like active/de-active.
  7. In R12i we have "Audit" feature , where as in R11i we don't have "Audit" feature.

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