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Dec 5, 2012

eAM Integration with Oracle Install base

eAM Integration with Oracle Install base is another new feature of R12. 
With Integration with Install base (IB) , IB can now track the eAM assets as well as store the eAM asset transactions.

Key Setup Required to track eAM assets in  IB
  • Installed Base Trackable Flag  ( Service Tab in Item master UI)
  •  Transactable Flag for the Asset Group ( Inventory tab in Item master UI)
Install base Trackable flag is mandatory for Asset Group and rebuildable items  ( with out that system will not track the eAM Asset in IB).
  • Note – Once set this flag is not Updatable if you have On hand quantity for the asset and transaction exists for the asset.
Translatable Flag  - This flag is mandatory if you want to track the eAM Asset Transaction details in IB.

Sample Test Case

  1. Create Asset Group in Oracle Inventory ( Master Org).
  2. Check  the “Track in Install base” Check box  Inder Service tab.
  3. Create Asset
  4. Once Asset got created in eAM , system will create record in IB too with Status = Created
  5. Update the Asset in eAM , system will insert another record in IB
  6. Go to Asset group again and check the transactable flag under Inventory tab.
  7. With transact able flag check on asset group  , all the asset of the Asset group now will be transactable.
  8. also with transactable flag check for asset group all the Inventory transaction for the Assets ( for the Asset group) now will be trackable in IB. Following  transactions will be trackable for asset numbers in IB

a.       Miscellaneous Receipts
b.      - Miscellaneous Issues
c.       - Subinventory Transfers
d.      - Inter-Org Transfers
For Example – Perform Misc receipt for any asset Number ( with IB trackable = Y and Transactable = Y) , a record will be cerated in IB for INV transaction .

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