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Nov 17, 2011

Quote vs Order in Oracle Order Management.

In Oracle Order management we have option to create Sales Order from Sales Quote ( for more info plese refer my earlier post Quote to Order flow  ).During this flow system will create only 1 record for Quote Header as well as for each line in the Quote, by that I mean when we creates the Quote , data for Quote header/lines got inserted into oe_order_headers_all/oe_order_lines all , and once Quote got converted into Order, same data will be used for order header /lines,only difference are
1.Flow Status Code  for Order header will be updated to "Entered", plus
2.For Quote, system insert the data into workflow tables like

  • wf_items and wf_item_activity_statuses with item_type ='OENH' , but once Quote got approved and converted to Orders , system will end_date the workflow with item_type ='OENH' and creates new workflow with item_type ='OEOH'( for order header) and OEOL (for order lines).
Please note that in Quotes there is no workflow for Order lines.


  1. Very well explained. Thanks a lot.
    Can you please help with the flow of Quote based on it's status?
    Example: For Sales Order it is Entered >> Booked >> Closed

    Devendra Gulve

  2. Hi,

    Currently my client using legacy OM application and currently we are implementing oracle Inventory 11i.

    My Requirement is ,

    If user done the picking, pick confirm and shipping in legacy OM Application, i need to update the on hand quantity in oracle inventory( through API) in all above 3 steps,

    Please advice me the detailed process to achieve this and also API's.

    Thanks in Advance.


  3. Hi,

    MY client using legacy PO application and currently we are implementing oracle Inventory 11i.

    I need to know
    1). API to create receits in Inventory ( here we are not having Oracle PO Module)
    2). After creating receipt, that API will update the on hand qty? If not what is the API to update on Hand Qty.

    Thanks in Advance.


  4. iphone Yes , and Android ( not yet heard anything , but they may release something in 2012)