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Jul 28, 2011

What is AME ( Oracle Approval Management)

As title stated , this post is about "What is AME "

AME is a web application providing following services to calling applications
1.    A centralized repository for defining and sharing rules.
2.    An execution engine to evaluate rules based on transaction specific data.
3.    List management capabilities
4.    History of approval Status.

AME does not manage the notification, routing or responses from approvers. -     These remain the responsibility of the calling application or the workflow process.

In next post I will talk in brief about architecture of AME

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    I need a help in purging AME approvals. My case if any one in approval group rejects, then I should be able to resubmitt the request again and the approvals go from begening. Since my item key is primary key of table and AmE will have already some records for previous submission, the get next approver api will return nothing as the itemkey is already stamped in AME. I need some API how we use to purge workflow for AME also.